I design and develop digital experiences.

I'm currently redesign my portfolio, in the spirit of open source software, you can follow my progress below.

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Welcome to the design and development portfolio of Sean Caudill. Visit the site at seancaudill.com or follow my progress by visiting the project's GitHub repository.

I'm developing my site using Metalsmith and Bootstrap. To test it out yourself just run $ make build in the project's root directory:



1-15-18: Added icons, content updates.

1-1-18: Happy new year! I've made some major design changes, mostly getting rid of the fluff.

12-14-17: Content and formatting updates to /pages/home.

12-13-17: Built out more partials, masonry, articles and projects. Added collections plugin.

12-10-17: Setup featured article & project, updated styles.

12-03-17: Began construction on /pages/home with Bootstrap cards. Updated fonts to Google's Roboto family. Expanded README, and reformatted the updates.

12-02-17: Added Metalsmith plugins, built out partials, styles, layouts, posts, and pages.

12-02-17: Initial commit on GitHub.

12-01-17: Built a bunch of stuff, broke it, burned it and started anew.